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Seasons 52
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  It didn't sound like a place we'd want to go eat at - healthy and low cal with nothing over 475 calories translated in our minds to dull, tasteless 'spa cuisine' and a post-meal stop for a slice [ ... ]

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We're not going to dance around the reality here - this is a gigantic piece of fatty pig belly with the skin on that's been rolled up on itself. It is essentially fatty pork rolled inside fatty por [ ... ]

Thanksgiving - The Last (Farm) Stand
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Thanksgiving usually marks the end of the farm stand season, so go out with a bang for the big eat.

Sauteed Clams With Sausage and Pancetta
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Nothing beats tender, just-steamed-open clams as an appetizer or early evening munch. We do these with a twist - pancetta and sausage give the sauce a nice robust fall attitude, and toasted bread s [ ... ]

It's Not Just The VIEW
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It's more than just the view, the food is also radiant and expansive at View in Oakdale. One of the best waterfront restaurants on Long Island marries the Great South Bay nautique with modern cuisi [ ... ]

Tasteful Hits ...

  • Small batch bourbon Manhattans (haut hillbilly)
  • Grilled whole fish (lemon and olive oil)
  • Big Fat Burgers (As American as blue jeans and football)
  • Naan
  • Oysters Rockefeller
  • Feta cheese on salad (remember how Greek salad used to be?)
  • Your local pizza parlor

Call It Quits ...

  • Smoothie/Yogurt Stores (do we need one on every corner?)
  • Veal (bad Karma)
  • Argentine Malbec (maybe it's just me...)
  • "Zagat Rated" Sign on Window (even bad movies get rated)
  • $6 Granola (this is horse food for chrissakes)
  • Take-on (eat your stinky food before boarding, please)